Herr Riemer

am THG seit 2005

Dear reader,

this is the space dedicated to introducing myself to you. I ask myself: Does anyone reading this really want to know what my personal features are? If so, what in particular? Maybe my CV? My family? My teaching strategies? Or my favourite pastime? What would be appropriate? Would they be interested in the same things I am?

Would they be fascinated by the latest philosophical puzzle? Would they find themselves athrill if the Saints won promotion to the Premier League? Would they care if there was more current affairs stuff in the foreign language classroom?

Anyway, it´s time for me to ramble on for a few paragraphs.

So let me say “hello” and also, “thanks.” Why thanks? Well – to be perfectly frank – for all your support (this goes out to staff AND students) during my years as a trainee teacher at the THG. So, for your continued interest and backing, I would like to offer you a laurel, a hardy handshake, and sincerely say “thank you.”

Enough warmth! So now for something completely different: my activities outside school. Well, there´s a lot of domestic-type stuff that is really only of interest to other people that are living a domestic-type model of life. You know the scene: have kids, watch “Sandmännchen”, learn how to feed the family without ordering in, buy a house, and of course the obligatory experiments with facial hair. Stuff, I suppose, that doesn´t make for very “copy.” But, you know, a guy´s gotta do …! And I get a kick out of that!

Oh, have I run out of time? But there´s so much more … oh well … next time …

It´s great to be here (to stay!), I´m ready to roll, so here we go!!!